Ichikami Conditioner 150G 2 Types

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Preventive attractiveness treatment series which is produced from Japanese female's hair analysis. Protects the locks from the heart in addition to repairs harm. Leads to hard-to-damage hair every time it's used. Repair & preventive ingredient clean, Japanese lawn premium extract mixture. Uses plant derived aminoalkanoic acid cleaning up compounds. Non-silicone, sulfate free prescription. Silky and airy: Gives water as well as luster lost because of injury, reinforces cuticles with soft and thin hair. Fruit that is fresh along with Cherry Blossom scent. Smoothing: Smooth the finger of yours, defend the hair of yours from damage brought on by friction, and the moisten the core of yours, resulting in file plus coherent locks. Active Cherry Blossoms scent. Moisturizing: It fixing the interior of the hair style lost because of injury, moisturizes both the epidermis as well as the hair, and also stops dryness which leads to split ends, etc. Sweet-tasting Apricot along with Cherry Blossom scent. How you can use: After washing, use a suitable volume on the hair before rinsing. Pack Size - 150g

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