Softymo White Body Soap Refill 420Ml 3 Types

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Collagen Juicy Fruits Essence components in, for soft and supple skin. Has moisture as well as collagen (moisturizing). Clean with fluffy and moist epidermis. Has pearl barley extract as well as glycerin (moisturizing). Removes aged keratin with recurring melanin making skin very clear as well as transparent. Utilizes plant derived cleaning ingredients as well as amino acid based cleaning up compounds. Lightly eliminates grime from your skin with very soft as well as gentle foam. The fragrance of juicy fresh fruit which tends to make bath time gorgeous. Hyaluronic Acid White Floral Skin, has hyaluronic acid, grapefruit extract formula. Newly washed upon skin filled with moisture. White-colored care, has pearl barley extract formula. It drops the outdated horn with recurring melanin and also will keep the skin of yours transparent. Gentle Care, with Amino Acid System Cleaning Components. Fluffy gentle foam carefully eliminates grime on the epidermis. Effortless scent of environmentally friendly floral. Sleek Powder Fruity Mint Clean the skin of yours while cleaning. Body soap with attractiveness serum ingredients & sleek powder. Cleanse the skin of yours with the gentle foam of the splendor serum compounds. Clean on wonderful skin as well as smooth. Has natural peppermint extract & hydrating keep ingredients. White-colored attention by cleaning. The existing keratin with recurring melanin is eliminated as well as flushed to an obvious gray skin. Comes with pearl barley extract GL (moisturizing). Rich and quick foaming. The foamy and soft foam easily eliminates dirt gently. The bubble breaks fast. Plant born & amino acid cleaning up compounds used. Good bubbles. All-natural fragrance is used.. A rejuvenating fruity mint scent. How you can use: Take a good level of bath towel, sponge, etc. with water that is warm, clean it casually. Clean it, then rinse nicely after which. Pack Size - 420ml

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