Bijou De Mer Rejuve Face Renewal Cream 30G

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Gem Of The Sea is implied by Bijou De Mer. Cosmetics of eternity shipped by the ocean. Present from the ocean comes refined quality to the skin of yours. The ocean is the cause of power for the Earth. Just five % of the ocean have been investigated, and the Earth s treasures stay concealed in the ocean. Bijou De Mer is a decorative product or service called gem of the ocean and possesses a high awareness of marine microorganisms as the ingredient of its. A huge amount of the ocean is inhabited by microorganisms, and also the synthetic components of the things present in these marine microorganisms (phytoplankton) have been discovered to be complicated, rare, along with varied when compared with all those present in vegetation, in addition to getting powerful pursuits. Re-search of marine microorganisms was accelerated by these findings. The specialized components we've utilized are attained from BiotechMarine (expert on seaside plants and algae) in France, who prevailed in the elucidation of before unknown marine microorganisms, along with LIPOTRUE (expert on the study on marine microorganisms) in Spain. We use the top edge production facilities in Japan and also the standard production technology to the optimum to create as well as create items with safety and efficacy. Leading edge firmness part as well as abundant moisturization component generates refined, firm, glossy epidermis. More durable beauty and moisture. The very best version of firmness for you. This's the era of complete aging care(Care put on based on the age) management cream. Moisture keep community distribution system (Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract) slowly releases the hydrating part in the keratin level to produce good looking skin with long lasting dampness. Compounded with marine microorganism component Arctalice (Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract), that had been acquired in the strong, cool northern sea near Greenland in which the Aurora Borealis may be seen. Produces sleek & up skin. Pack Size - 30g

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