Fragrance Pocket Hand Soap 50G X 3 Pcs

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Fragrance Hand Soap (Maria Regale) 50g x one computer Fragrance Hand Soap (Pink Euphoria) 50g x one computer Fragrance Hand Soap (Lilly Crown) 50g x one pc Fragrance hand soap, the scented facial foam detoxifies while guarding water. Cleanses and hydrates the skin of yours, the hand soap with fine quite and also taste of fragrance. Finish that is fresh can feel the hands of yours much more soft, elastic and firm. Each time you clean the hands of yours, pamper yourself with mild fragrance. Love a lot more, use together with your fave FERNANDA fragrance hand lotion. The hand soap with healthy ingredients, simple to rinse, hydrates skin when you clean. This's perfect for the present for the buddies of yours, for love 1 or even on your own. The transportable hand detergent completely fits into the bag and very easy to have all of the time. The pocket hand soap may be utilized anywhere anytime. The spreading fragrance can make the time of yours unique as well as enjoyable. This particular pocket hand soap is going to be the brand new necessities. How you can use: Take the detergent on the hands, wash after nicely foamed, rinse with clean water.

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